The bridge

On the road to the villa, there is a metal bridge whose construction was ordered by the former owner, Carmen Donad Alonso. It is located over the ravine “Alianda” or “Gosgorrobio” and it was aimed at having an easy access to the rest of her properties without having to pass through the deep ravine. As it was a privately owned bridge, it was closed with a chain. However, when the owner realised it was really useful for people, she started to charge them for its access: 0.10 pesetas for cars, horses and carriages and 0.05 pesetas for people.

The bridge links the two most important agricultural areas, “Solana” and “Umbría”, and it is a beautiful example of the metal constructions of the beginning of the century.

Made out of sheet metal, it has a span of 20 metres and it is supported by two huge piers of concrete.