The villa

Finca San Agustin, formerly called Can Tomás or Heredad Don Tomás, is a country estate whose house dates from the 18th century.

Mr Agustín Galbis Ferri bought it in 1989 and put its 800,000 square metres of land into operation. From 2011 to 2013, the family Galbis Córdova carried out a complete renovation of the house and its surroundings, except for the historical parts of the house, such as the chapel niches or the interior staircase. This renovation was in memory of their father, so they decided to change its name to “Finca San Agustín” and follow Mr Agustín’s philosophy of respect for nature by using bio-sustainable materials.

The house has a biomass boiler heating system fed with pellets, an ecological septic tank, a rainwater harvesting system, solar street lights, etc.

The estate, all of it grown in organic farming, has extensive plantations of persimmons, almonds and olives. The last ones provide our exquisite extra virgin olive oil called “Noblezza”, which you can taste and buy here.

It also has an organic garden with a large variety of vegetables which are incorporated in the menu of our restaurant.